Scanning, analyzing and interpreting what is beneath concrete is made easier with the scanning service of Medi General Maintenance and Decoration. Our scanning service provides a real‐time view of what is inside concrete structures and generates true images automatically for direct on‐site evaluation of scanned data. Medi General Maintenance and Decorationhas a CONCRETE SCANNING PROCEQ GPR LIVE, which is a non‐destructive device that can locate PT tendons, MEP inserts, Live Cables and hollow core strands inside the concrete structure. We can detect metallic and non‐metallic objects in real time—so that we can drill, cut or core with a lesser risk of costly damage to wiring, pipework or structural reinforcement making core drilling / cutting on your concrete structure hassle-free. Professionally qualified Civil Engineers, who are well trained, execute all the scanning work for Medi General Maintenance and Decoration. Our 2D & 3D scanning services on Concrete Structures comes with an option of providing a detailed report with our interpretations, recommendations and scanned images. We also accurately mark the re‐bar layout, which will help the client in performing drilling/coring to avoid the cutting of rebar’s and conserves the structural strength of the concrete.