Medi General Maintenance and Decoration, has built a reputation on controlled demolition and its track record of dependability attention to details, and quality workmanship have established Medi General Maintenance and Decoration as a Full-service precision demolition and contracting company. Medi General Maintenance and Decoration specializes in interior strip-outs, residential industrial and commercial demolition. Using modern equipment along with experienced manpower, we provide an environmental, friendly approach to all demolition projects. We make every effort to maximize the amount of recyclable materials salvaged from the job site.

Using Concrete Hydro-demolition-which is generally used to describe the process of using high-velocity water jets to remove or demolish concrete. It is one of our particular application.

CONCRETE SAW CUTTING is another method that is typically used when necessary to cut pre-cast concrete, asphalt, stone walls, cobblestone and steel reinforced concrete to create access breakthroughs for windows, stairways, elevators and doors, for trenching and crossover and for other types of project applications.